Court decides CORA case against City

The District Court has ruled that the City of Salida was wrong in refusing to provide to Tom Bomer a copy of emails between the former mayor and former finance director in response to Mr. Bomer’s request under the Colorado Open Records Act. Mr. Bomer will be entitled to recover attorney fees from the city in an amount to be determined. The ruling was made by the court in a written decision on January 2, 2018. In the ruling the court rejected a motion by the City that argued that the requests were frivolous and sought dismissal of the case as moot because the emails were already available to the plaintiffs. The court also ruled that a request my Jim Miller for a copy of an audit letter from the former city attorney could not be decided without trial. Since the audit letter has already been made public, the trial would only go forward if there remain unpaid attorney fees for Mr. Miller to recover.