One Salida is a non-partisan coalition of citizens and businesses formed to promote good leadership for the City of Salida that can effectively address Salida’s challenges.  Meeting these challenges calls for an environment where citizens trust their government and participate in open, two-way communications with their government.  Productive citizen participation can take place when the people have knowledge of the issues and have access to information on which the decisions by their leaders must be based.

The mission of One Salida has been to make information available to Salidans on the issues facing local government. One Salida was initially organized as a political committee under Colorado law to provide information helpful for the selection of candidates for offices of the City of Salida in the election of November 7, 2017. One Salida has since been reorganized as a Colorado non-profit corporation, One Salida Inc., to continue its mission of informing the public and connecting Salida citizens with their government.

One Salida now operates as a social welfare organization under IRC section 501(c)(4) and accepts donations from individuals and businesses, including corporations and other organizations that support One Salida’s mission.