Guest Opinions Published

One Salida was given the opportunity to submit a Guest Opinion to The Mountain Mail in response to one by retiring city councilman Hal Brown.  (See One Salida responds and Examining OneSalida.)  In our guest column, we reaffirmed our commitment to promote good leadership and to provide Salidans with factual, verifiable information on important issues for public reference during the campaign season.

Eight candidates have now entered the races for mayor and council for the City of Salida. We have identified and provided links to the websites of four of these, and the Facebook pages of five.  If any candidate or reader wishes to call our attention to any we have missed or any that may be created, please Contact us in the menu above and we will add them to our Candidates.

With the candidates beginning to speak up, we will seek to collect and post information to allow voters to evaluate the positions and representations of all the candidates.