City Attorney Kahn

The current City Attorney of the City of Salida, Colorado, is Benjamin A. Kahn.  He practices as a member of The Conundrum Group, LLP, a firm consisting of Ben Kahn and his wife.  The Conundrum Group advertises that it is philosophically different than other law firms, is based on guiding principles requiring the highest levels of professionalism, and represents a conscious effort to redefine the traditional practice of law.  The Conundrum Group says it aims to do things differently and achieve goals through a unique combination of sophisticated experience and a billing structure reflecting modern sensibilities.  Its practice, it says, stretches across Colorado and the entire West, but is centered on Aspen, Breckenridge, Gunnison and Salida.  It’s Salida office is a physical office location.  Aspen, Breckenridge, and Gunnison are post office boxes.  The Group claims a focus on solving legal and financial problems relating to business, real estate, natural resources, trademark, and family matters, with a unique ability to think outside the box.  It claims no experience in municipal law.  Kahn’s representation of the City is characterized by the following:

Contract with City
Attorney Bills
Legal Work

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