Does the Mayor know how much he is paying the City Attorney?

In his campaign speeches, the mayor continuously states:  That, “this year, our attorney has only cost us $36,000.”  (YouTube Video of Candidate Forum, 10/18/2017, @ 2:03:27).  But the bills paid log on the City’s website shows the following payments to the City Attorney, “The Conundrum Group” for 2017, January through August:

January                $46,079.89

February              $12,414.01

April                     $27,856.86

May                      $22,174.15

June                      $41,469.93

July                       $40,653.73

YTD Total           $190,648.57*

The bills paid lag the bills sent by about one month.

* The bills paid YTD, as posted on the city’s website, are only through August, 2017.  The Mountain Mail of October 19, 2017, reports that the total paid Kahn’s firm, The Conundrum Group, according to a spreadsheet provided by the City, is $249,971.55, year to date. That is exactly the total of the bills we reported dated 12/25/2016 through 8/10/2017.  It does not include the bill dated 9/5/2017, or any received by the City after that.  It includes no charges for services performed since July.  The Mountain Mail article also states an amount paid by the City to special counsel Lee Phillips, which is $34,785.08. Perhaps that is what the mayor was referring to in his campaign speeches.